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Hi, I am Melanie, Lifelover and passionate Life & Career Coach.

Hey there! I'm Melanie Kruis-Matschos, a passionate Life & Career Coach.

Originally hailing from the picturesque Harz mountains in Germany, I made a life-changing decision in 2013 and moved to the Netherlands. I never had the plan to live abroad, but my employer back then asked whether I would be interested to join them expanding internationally and so I packed all my life in a couple of boxes and I went.

Now, 10 years later, I call Ridderkerk, a lovely town near Rotterdam, my home. It's where I share my life with my husband Dennis, and our three cats Bubbles, Bruce, and Dory.

What makes my heart sing? The great outdoors! I find immense joy in hiking, cycling, and skiing. Plus, there's nothing like cruising in our classic VW Beetle and our trusty VW T2A campervan. Travel is another passion of mine, and I adore spending quality time with family and friends. Give me a good book or a good playlist, and I'm in my happy place. And every now and then I am up for a good party as well!

My Journey to the Life I Love

My journey to Happy M started with a pivotal decision. After nearly two decades as an HR professional, I took a leap of faith in 2021. I left behind the security of a well-paid job to follow my inner calling and passion, embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship founding Happy M. It wasn't an easy decision, but I'm grateful that my passion won in the end. I cherish the freedom that comes with being my own boss and pursuing what makes me truly happy.

My mission is simple: I want to help as many people as possible live their best lives. That's why I work with individuals and teams as a Coach, guiding them toward a happy, fulfilled, and well-balanced (work-)life. I also assist companies and business owners in creating happy, inspiring, and productive work environments as a Trainer and Consultant.

Living My Core Values

I hold a few core values dear to my heart: Authenticity, Autonomy, Curiosity, Trust and Respect. I firmly believe that living in alignment with your core values leads to greater happiness.

My journey into coaching began in 2016 when I pursued my Coaching studies at the University of Cologne. It marked the start of an incredible personal development journey and the exploration of my true passion: helping people help themselves live their best lives with clarity, self-awareness and self-love. My chosen method? The unique world of Systemic Coaching, which offers powerful tools that I love to share with my clients.

A Sneak Peek into My Personality

In the word cloud on the picture to the left below, you'll find a glimpse into my personality based on the Facet 5 Personality profile report. It's a valuable tool I often use with my clients. The bigger the word, the more present the trait.

Let's Connect

Want to learn more about my personal development journey or how we can work together? Don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm fluent in Dutch, German, and English, and I can't wait to meet you.

"The Happy Life waits for us Outside of our Comfort Zone"

My Happy Life in Pictures

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Some more 'nice to knows' about me

🌻 I lived in the heart of Rotterdam for the first 3 years after I relocated to the Netherlands and I will be in love with this city forever. On one picture you see houses with green roofs, that is where I had my appartment and I loooved it so much.

🌻 I found it pretty difficult to start speaking Dutch. For the first 3 years nobody heard me talking one word although I could speak already. My perfectionism prevented me from "just doing" it, but then luckily there came a point where I just started speaking.

🌻 I am really good at "thinking"... haha ... and I am on a continous personal development journey to feel more and think less. And I enjoy working a lot - sometimes without it being in a healthy balance anymore. That is why I do not preach only but practice a lot of mindfulness & meditation & self-care myself.

🌻 I am born and raised in Germany, in the lovely Harz mountains and I do not miss much here in NL but the mountains is really one of the things I miss a lot.

🌻 You see me with a huuuuuge beer on one picture, but the truth is: I hate beer. I rather go for an ice-cold glass rose or white wine or a good Glühwein in winter.

🌻 I love to try new things and am always in for an adventurous activity like a skydive or "abseilen" from the Euromast in Rotterdam.

🌻 Me and my husband Dennis own a VW T2A campervan and a cute VW Beetle and love to spend time away with it exploring NL and other European countries.

🌻 I love the mountains. Give me some hiking shoes & a nice hiking trail in summer and some skis in winter and I am a happy girl!

🌻 People who know me would not have expected that but since I have a house with a garden I can really enjoy and find ease with gardening. I love to sit outside until late on warm summer nights and then we play Yahtzee or Rummikub for hours.

🌻 I also get energy from quality time with friends and family, having good conversations, going out for dinner, spending weekends away together and…”a good party never killed nobody” is a motto that fits to me as well. And I am so, so grateful that the real friendships from Germany survived the long distance & that even new valuable friendships here in NL developed.

And then...I think that is enough about me for now. Want to learn more about my personal development journey or how we can work together? Just get in touch. I'm fluent in Dutch, German and English and I can't wait to meet you.