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Ready to change your worklife and your life in general to the better?

  • You are not happy with your current situation and you feel that it is really time now to find out what you want for your future?
  • You feel “stuck” or “lost” where you currently are and you know that you really need to change something now but you do not know where to start?
  • You know that you are up for something different in your career and that something urgently needs to change in the new year?
  • You have thought about changing something in your life a thousand times already and you want things differently but you have not managed to make a start yet?

You are not alone! I have accompanied a lot of people on their personal development journey to find their dreamjob and/or dreamlife.

I am Melanie and I am a Life and Career Coach and I accompany people like you and me on their journey to a happy, well-balanced & fulfilled (work-)life.

Discover Your True Self and Change your Life to the Better

I believe that everyone deserves to live a fullfilled & well-balanced life. I am here to help you find clarity and happiness, whether you're navigating personal challenges, seeking career advancement, or simply looking to become the best version of yourself.

What I Offer

Free Happiness Inspiration: Explore my free resources and inspiration like The Happiness Guide or The Happiness Podcast to kickstart your journey towards a happier life.

Personalized Coaching Programmes & Services: Join one of my transformative coaching programmess designed to uncover your true potential and to set you on the path to a lasting fulfilled & well-balanced life. The next exclusive 3 months Online Coaching Programme to change your (work) life for the better will start at the beginning of 2024. Sign on for the waiting list now and make sure you do not miss any firsthand information, early bird offers & exclusive discounts. 


Ready to Take the First Step? 

Your pursuit of happiness begins here. Take that essential first step towards a brighter future, and let's start a conversation. Together, we'll uncover your path to clarity, purpose, and lasting happiness.

Your best life is waiting. Let's talk.

How I work


How we can work together


People & Culture Consultancy

Happy Life



HR Interim Management

What others say about working with me

I would describe Melanie as an open and motivating sparring partner. She stays calm and focused during dynamic and stressful situations. She always had a helping hand and was always open to share her HR knowlegde. I very much valued her coaching skills which made me grow as an HR professional. It was a pleasure to work with Melanie.

Melanie is not only a great HR professional, her open and friendly personality makes her pleasant to work with. I can highly recommend Melanie if you are in need of an HR professional or guidance in this field, she has a lot to offer to you and your organization.

I can only describe Melanie as a true coach who always challenged me in my way of working and brought me further in my career. She has a great HR knowledge and always happy to share it with others. In the day to day work I saw that the business really appreciated Melanie as a trustworthy partner.

I got to know Melanie as someone with a clear vision who knows how to get things done. She quickly sees through any obstacles and is always full of ideas to reach the (higher) goal. In addition to her professional expertise, her personality, with attention for others, makes Melanie a valued colleague to work with.

Melanie was my counterpart in HR and worked closely with me and my international Sales team. Besides being accurate, fast and professional she was always pro-active in the improvement of the capabilities of the team and team members. But also extremely discrete and very experienced, always with a warm personal interest for people's well-being.

Melanie showed me how HR work can be executed in a different way. She has excellent professional skills and she is a great person to laugh with and to work with. She has very good analytical skills, she is flexible, adapts fast to any new situation and she is a real people person. I would recommend Melanie any time to any employer who takes HR seriously and who wants to get things done.

The Happiness Podcast - for more happiness in (work-) life!

In my podcast I share valuable tips and inspiration with you about increasing happiness at work and about living a happy life in general.


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