People & Culture Consultancy


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Let's create happy, inspiring & productive workplaces together!

  • You want to create a happy, inspiring, productive work environment where your people can be the best versions of their true selves and perform at their best?
  • You want your employees to have fun at work since you know that this will lead to more productivity in the end?
  • You want to build a strong Employer Brand to attract and retain talent?
  • You are on a good way but would like to develop your leadership team further to be prepared for the challenges of the future?
  • You do not have HR yet and you are thinking about setting up an HR department?
  • You need somebody who supports you with your recruitment activities?
  • You want to go international with your company and you need  international HR expertise?
  • You want to make your company fit for growth and you need a strong People & Culture strategy?

Let’s team up then. No matter whether you need strategic advice or hands-on support or both. With more than 15 years of experience in international, dynamic and innovative environments around the globe (from start-up to multinational), I am your partner for more happiness, inspiration & productivity in the workplace. I am business-fluent in Dutch, English and German language.

Let’s have a first introduction call, face-to-face meeting or video call - whatever you prefer - and let’s see what we can do for each other.