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I would describe Melanie as an open and motivating sparring partner. She stays calm and focused during dynamic and stressful situations. She always had a helping hand and was always open to share her HR knowledge. I very much valued her coaching skills which made me grow as an HR professional. It was a pleasure to work with Melanie.

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  • Imagine that you get out of bed in the morning full of energy and with a smile on your face looking forward to get your day started

  • Imagine that you exactly know what you want for your life

  • Imagine that you live your life entirely how you want to live it

  • Imagine you have a healthy balance in all areas of your life

Latest research of positive psychology shows that our happiness level is 50% genetics, 10% is dependant on the circumstances and the environment we live in and 40% is mindset.

And that's fantastic news since that means we have a huge influence on how happy we are. This 4 week programme is designed to stimulate your positive thinking, to help you taking good care for yourself and to boost self-confidence & mental health since all those factors play a crucial part in boosting your happiness level and overall well-being.

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